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Our Mission

The Maryland Workforce Alliance is the statewide coalition that unites trade associations, unions, and non profits to promote a world-class workforce in Maryland. By helping to bridge the skills gap and address critical employment shortages in key fields, we work to forge pathways that connect employers, apprenticeship sponsors, and job seekers. Through advocacy and education, we aim to increase state and local investment in training programs that help Marylanders acquire the skills needed to obtain jobs in high wage, high growth occupations in public and private sectors.

The Maryland Workforce Alliance members are committed to achieving four major goals through public and private sector efforts:

  1. Double the percent of high school graduates with marketable skills by 2025 through the expansion of high quality CTE and Youth Apprenticeship programs;
  2. Expand the percentage of apprenticeship programs in Maryland to approach the average of competitor nations, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia;
  3. Expand state investment in skills training to levels more comparable to current investment in college preparatory programs;
  4. Increase high school students’ awareness of high skill, high wage careers, and the pathways to obtaining them